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Best Local Massage therapist in Bethesda MD! 

Connie grew up in Potomac, Maryland. She's been kinesthetic all her life, always in demand for backrubs. She received a BS in Psychology from the University of Utah, and subsequently pursued an MS in Social Work from the University of Maryland. However, she was powerfully drawn to therapeutic massage and ultimately trained at the Baltimore School of Massage from 1993-94.



Connie has professional expertise in 

  • Deep Tissue

  • Swedish

  • Sports

  • Myofascial Release

  • Quantum Touch Energy Work

  • Maya Abdominal Massage

  • Prenatal & Postpartum Massage



Connie's other interests include doing art work-- pastels, watercolors, oils. She did commissioned portraits for many years. She enjoys travel, hiking, skiing, family history, nutrition, spirituality, reading and animals.



                                                           About Connie's Massages

Therapeutic massages have more to them and what they can do--then Connie had any idea of before she started massage school.  She now knows why she realized she had found her calling when she started giving massages. Connie can help someone destress or be relieved from a one time pain or she can go further and help on a much deeper level over time.


Connie has worked with a multitude of clients.  Some clients come through her office for one visit, others for years. Her work supports their healing processes in a supportive and caring way. She is present and intuitive to what is needed.  She does therapeutic massages that are a unique eclectic combination of techniques determined by what the client needs or wants out of the session.



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