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Prenatal & PostPartum Massage

                     Prenatal Massage


Prenatal massage during the pregnancy helps relieve tension, reduce stress and helps the mom’s body get ready for labor. It supports the structural, physiological and emotional well being of both the mother and her growing baby.


Massage while pregnant provides much needed nurturing during this very emotional and special time. Prenatal massage therapy, is offered in a quiet, comfortable room, and is done while the mother-to-be is lying on her side, supported by pillows.

During pregnancy, especially the mid to third trimester most pregnant women start feeling the weight of the precious package they are carrying. Massage helps to relieve the pressure on her legs, back and all over. Edema is reduced and endorphins are released.

Studies show that massage therapy performed during pregnancy can reduce anxiety, decrease symptoms of depression, relieve muscle aches and joint pains, and improves labor outcomes and newborn health. Massage therapy addresses different needs through varying techniques.


I have had many pregnant clients come in once a week to once a month to help them feel good, have a healthier pregnancy ahd labor.

My sessions include Swedish Massage, Quantum Touch and Maya Abdominal Massage Therapy

( which is adapted for pregnancy).

 60 and 90 minute sessions are available.


Article about Prenatal Massage, from the American Pregnancy Association





         Postpartum Massage

Postpartum massage is especially beneficial in helping relieve tension caused by the birth. It also reduces stress, increases a sense of security and well-being, and helps settle women into their new role as a mother. 


Going through the birth process consumes a huge amount of the new Mom's resources.

Postpartum massage is a great way to honor this transformational experience. This healing therapy is a nurturing and nourishing delight for new mothers.


Unique postpartum benefits include hormone regulation, reduced swelling, better sleep and improved breastfeeding


I have worked with many new Mothers giving them massages. Sometimes, a client will just want her legs, feet and shoulders massaged. Others want their whole body massaged. Whatever works for each client is perfectly fine.


My sessions include a combination of Swedish massage, myofascial Release, Quantum Touch and Maya Abdominal Therapy (this is done with respect to timing, healing and very gently according to clients comfort level).

60 and 90 minute sessions are available.


Article about Postpartum Massage from the American Pregnancy Association.

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