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Massages Aren't a Luxury -- They're a Necessity!

For my first post I've decided to focus on the basics: the often-overlooked benefits of regular massage. If you're not receiving massages on a regular basis, you're missing out on a wide range of benefits to your health and well-being that can dramatically improve every area of your life.

When I give one of my clients a massage, it brings me such joy to see the change in the way that they feel by the end of a session. Their face has relaxed, their smile comes more easily, and they carry themselves in an lighter, more at-ease manner.

When you take the initiative to plan time in your week for a massage, you are giving yourself the gift of an hour or more just for you. You are letting yourself know that you honor and care for yourself in a loving way. Even in the scriptures, Jesus says for us to love others as ourselves! It is such an important concept.

In addition to self-respect, there are many concrete physical and mental health improvements available only through massage. I've compiled a list of many of the rewards that come from receiving massage therapy on a regular basis:

*Pain Relief *Looser, More Comfortable Body

*Stress Relief *Heightened Body Awareness

*Endorphin Release (the feel-good hormone) *Improved Sports Performance

*Improved Sleep *Increased Concentration

*Better Circulation *Fewer Aches and Pains *Stronger Immune System *Fewer Injuries from Sports/Activities

*Detoxification *Improved Lymph Drainage

*Better Performance On the Job *Looser Muscles

*Looser Muscles and Increased Flexibility *Release the "Issues" from Our Tissues

*Pain Relief from symptoms of Fibromyalgia *Normalized Blood Pressure

I hope this piece has piqued your interest in the many benefits of regular massage. As a licensed massage therapist for 24 years, I've seen thousands of clients reap profound rewards from incorporating regular massage sessions into their lives.

I look forward to helping you realize these benefits as well. Please contact me to schedule your appointment.

My next post will focus on the technique and benefits of myofascial release, a slow stretching technique that opens up and stretches over-tightened areas.

Until next time, have a great week! Connie Calaway with Hands That Heal!

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